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Solid Gold Initial Charms

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Each gold initial in our collection is made to order. Gold personalized initial charms may take up to 10 business days to create.

Luxe Design offers a wide variety of initial charm in solid gold. Initial charms in gold are a great way to personalize any of your jewelry. Add a simple gold Alphabit letter charm to any necklace as a sweet accent to a larger piece, or make a statement with a single gold Large Lowercase Letter Initial Charm.

COLORS AND FINISH Most of the initial charms pictured are in 14 Karat Yellow Gold, but our gold charms are also available in White Gold or Rose Gold for the same price, by special request. Please just indicate which color of gold you prefer in 'Additional Comments' under every item. Our Gold initial charms come matte finished, but are available in a shiny finish by request, please just indicate that you want a shiny finish in 'Additional Comments'.

LETTERS, NUMBER & SYMBOLS. Our gold lowercase letters come in two sizes, and in all the letters of the alphabet. The larger version of our gold Lowercase Letter initial charms can be further personalized with a name, date, or word. The size and shape of the initial determines how much personalizing will fit. We also have gold initial charms where we stamp the letter of your choice on to a wide variety of shapes. You may choose any number, an ampersand (&), heart symbol and question mark for any of the gold initial charms that are stamped in our Large or Small Font.

SHAPES. Choose from hearts, birds, angels and more, we have a wide variety of completely unique gold charms that can be personalized with one or more initials. All of the gold initial charms are original to Luxe Design.

Any of our charms are available in 14 Karat Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, or White Gold. We also make all of our jewellery in 18 Karat Gold by special order. If you do not see what you want here, please email us for a quote. All of our charms come with a quality stamp and our trademark to guarantee the authenticity and value of the gold.

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