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Gold Necklace Chains

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Creating a gold heirloom necklace with personalized gold charms and other meaningful gems and stones is a beautiful way to signify the most meaningful people and events in your life. We suggest you select the charms first, as they often can inform you on which gold chain is the ideal fit to showcase your collection.

To create your own personalized gold necklace, choose the chain that would serve your needs best. Do you want a simple light chain that you can wear everyday, do you need something stronger to wear because you have young children? Or perhaps you need a gold chain to give as a gift. We have a selection of chains that suit every purpose.

Another thing to consider when you purchase a chain for your personalized gold charms is length. Our standard and most popular length in a gold chain is 18". Several of our chains come in larger or smaller lengths however. If you want to know the perfect length for you, take a chain you have or drape a string around your neck and then measure the length on a ruler. Once you have the length you can choose the most appropriate length for you.

Our original, hand made toggle closure is a popular way to finish these chains. In addition to setting off your personalized gold charms, when you choose a toggle or toggle ring to hang your charms from, it creates an anchor point for the gold chain, preventing the clasp from sliding around front.

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