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Personalized Sterling Silver Birthstone Charms

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Choose a birth stone charm to represent each of your children or your self in a charm bracelet or necklace. Or, add charms set with birthstones. These sterling silver charms feature a gypsy set faceted birthstone in the middle, and are finished in the same soft matte finish as the rest of our line. Gypsy set means it is flush with the surface of the silver. All of the stones used in these charms are synthetic. This means they are man made, but have all the same physical properties as a stone that was mined.

SHAPES. Our Circle shape is our most popular birthstone charm, due to it's versatile, modern shape. It goes with everything. And although these can represent birth months, these are also beautiful on their own as charms, and the clear diamond color cz adds sparkle to any necklace.

SYMBOLISM. Mothers often use the flower to represent a daughter and a circle to represent a son. A heart can symbolize any loved one, and little girls love the sparkly pink flower charm, no matter what their color is supposed to be.

COLOR MIXING. It is ok to mix and match colors with these charms, even if they might not technically go that well together, the stones are small enough within the sterling silver shapes that they all look good together no matter the color of the stones.

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