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Whole Apple Charm in Solid Sterling Silver

  • $262.00

Whole Apple Charm in Solid Sterling Silver

This little apple sculpture is solid sterling silver, not hollow.



The apple is a powerful symbol of knowledge and wisdom, rooted in the biblical story of Adam and Eve and their quest for enlightenment. Its association with the pursuit of truth and personal responsibility makes it an emblematic gift often given at graduations, signifying the attainment of knowledge and the journey towards understanding. Beyond academia, the apple embodies vitality and health, reflected in the adage "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." Additionally, it symbolizes abundance and fertility in folklore, serving as a gift from the gods and representing blessings and prosperity. Its round shape and vibrant colors reflect the cyclical nature of life, while its widespread availability symbolizes hospitality and generosity, fostering unity within communities.

FINISH: Choose a hand-polished shiny finish or a soft modern matte finish. Learn more about finishes here.

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