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Gold Samara Maple or Elm Tree Seed Charm

  • $120.00
Charm: 22mm L x 20mm W
14 Karat Gold, Oxidized and Matte Finished

14 Karat Gold Samara Maple or Elm Tree Seed Charm.

This naturally lovely charm is called a Samara. It is actually the fruit of the Elm or Maple tree, and the seed of the tree is inside. The samara is also called a helicopter seed, and children often throw them in the air and watch them gracefully fall to the ground twirling like the blades of a helicopter.

MEANINGS & SYMBOLISM: This is a wonderful protection charm, the meaning of the word is 'Guardian' or 'Protected by God'. Items are not necessarily shown actual size and may be enlarged to show detail. All screen resolutions are different so please note actual measurements.

This Gold Samara Charm is available in Rose Gold, White Gold, and comes in Yellow Gold by default. If you would like a Rose Gold or White Gold Samara charm, please specify that in Additional Comments. Our Gold charms come in 18 Karat gold as well, please inquire.