Malas or prayer beads are sacred tools used in meditation to count mantra repetitions. Malas are carefully made by hand, using the symbolic number of 108 beads, or divisions of that number; 21, 27, or 54.

These malas are made with genuine gemstones, each with their own powerful energetic properties, and also may include one of our beautiful symbolic, sterling silver amulets that add even deeper meaning to the pieces.

To meditate with your mala, hold it in your right hand draped over your middle finger, and beginning at one end, draw each bead towards you and down as you silently repeat your mantra. Starting at one end, count only the gemstone beads and use the amulet and smaller beads to know when you're done counting to 108.

We recommend that you choose your mala based on your intuition, before reading about the various properties of the gemstones, or the symbolism of the amulet. See which mala attracts you most, as these are likely the energies you seek.

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