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Personalized Symbolic Gold Charms

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All of our symbolic gold charms are available in 14 Karat Yellow Gold, White Gold and Rose Gold, all at the same price. Our entire collection of charms is available in Gold, although most of them are pictured only in our Design in Sterling collection. If you find a charm in silver that you would like to purchase in gold, please just email us for a quote.

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You can purchase individual Gold Charms to add to your collection, or create a complete necklace or bracelet that include your individual selection of our Gold Charms, Chains and Beads.

Our most popular items are our Gold Cross Charms, and Gold Heart Charms. Our Gold Baby Heart Charm is symbolic of children and family, and looks great in the middle of our Gold Open Circle Charm. Our gold Heartline Charm, and our Gold Mini Double Heart Charm are the perfect compliment to any of our Gold Personalized Charms.

Our Gold Guardian Angel Charm is also available as a pin, and makes an ideal protection charm. It is also popular as a gold memorial angel charm. Our Gold Forget Me Not Charm is also ideal for a memorial charm in gold.

Whether you order 14 Karat Yellow Gold Charms, 14 Karat Rose Gold Charms, or 14 Karat White Gold Charms, they will come with a 14K quality stamp, and our Luxe Design trademark stamp. This is your guarantee of authentic quality solid gold. All of our charms come with a matte finish, but are available shiny. Please request "Shiny Finish" in "additional comments". All of our charms come with a quality stamp indicating the karat, and our trademark stamp to guarantee the authenticity and value of the gold.

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