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Sacred Geometry Rings Collection

Stand out with this high concept collection of ultra modern rings. Create your own statement when you stack and layer these deceptively comfortable and wearable rings.

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The first ring in this collection was a basic square, followed by the bent square. With this collection Joanne is playing with the traditional ring shapes to create minimal and contemporary designs, and she wanted them to be able to physically stand on their own like small sculptures. Next, Joanne began incorporating stones. She became obsessed with seeing the rings with every type of stone and setting and was mainly interested in square and rectangle stones, and how to play them off the straight lines and angles of the ring shanks.

Joanne chose stones for their cut many of them are checkerboard cuts, with small square facets echoing the outline of the rings. Other cuts are princess cut with a square outer shape and radiant cut rectangle stones whose facets are simply beautiful, and finally stunning asscher cut stones with square facets throughout. The settings were carefully chosen not only for their fit with the stones, but Joanne chose or created settings both baskets and bezels because their lines complemented the look and feel of the collection.

The colors are mainly neutrals, to keep the focus on the shapes, but initially Joanne experimented with some bright colors just for their sheer beauty. Although the rings are angular, they are in fact quite comfortable to wear and the square shape aids in keeping the rings from spinning around the finger.
A high polish on these rings bring out the beauty of the metal and stones. All of these items are made in sterling silver or solid 14 karat gold. They each have the Luxe Design trademark stamp and metal stamp indicating its authenticity and quality.