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Personalized Sterling Silver Heart Charms & Symbol Charms

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HEARTS. We have a lot of different hearts, there are so many ways to make them! Heart charms represent love and our silver heart charms come in large and small sizes. Our best selling heart charms are the Baby Heart, the Heartline, and the Mini Double Heart. Their small size and darling shapes seem to be just the right little detail to add to any personalized necklace or charm bracelet.

SYMBOLISM. When creating a keepsake necklace, sometimes you don't want to be so obvious as to represent someone with their name. If that is the case you can choose a charm that best represents the feeling someone gives you. Hearts of course are the most popular, but who is the shining star in your life? Who makes you feel at peace? Who loves music, who makes you laugh, and who is the little prince or princess in your life? We have charms to symbolize all of these people.

RELIGIOUS & SPIRITUAL CHARMS. We also have jewelry to symbolize various belief systems and religions which are perfect to create meaningful jewelry to commemorate important ceremonies and rites of passage. These include our Cross, Om, and Star of David charms.

All of these charms Are made by hand and are completely original to Luxe Design. Some are oxidized to bring out the details, and all of them are matte finished. Add them to our personalized charms to make unique, meaningful jewelry you can treasure for a lifetime.

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