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Vancouver Jewellery designer Joanne Hart can help you design and produce original lines of jewellery from large private label lines for your brand to small run single design pieces for your event or company.

With over 20 years in the jewellery business, Joanne has a great deal of experience. From designing and manufacturing one of a kind art pieces or large production lines to sales and marketing to both retail and wholesale customers including e-commerce and tradeshows, Joanne has experience with every aspect of the jewellery business.

Design your own jewellery line.

If you have ideas for a collection of jewellery and need it translated into real samples, Luxe Design can take your ideas and create an original line of branded jewellery. Our team can take your images and turn them into a fully realized wholesale line of jewellery under your own label. We can provide service for every step of the process from original designs and creation of samples in precious metals or base metals, all the way to complete jewelry manufacturing of hundreds or thousands of units. With you and your team, we can decide the best way to create the line that fits your needs.

We have our own line of Wholesale Jewelry Made in Canada, and we have produced hundreds of jewellery lines that have sold to companies such as Pottery Barn, J.Jill, Nordstrom, Target, Sundance and Cold Water Creek.

You don’t have to have the finalized idea before we begin but the following information is helpful before I can give you a good idea of costs:

1. What type of metal do you want to use, silver, gold, base metal, other.
The price point you are targeting– what is comparable in the market? Are you selling something for $50 or $50 000? Jewellery costs vary dramatically, so deciding the price range you want to work with before we start is helpful.
How many different styles do you want? How many pieces per style.
What is your budget?
Can you provide drawings or images from the internet to give me an idea of your designs?

I primarily work in sterling silver and gold. These can be made in small quantities of 25 pieces or large quantities up to 1000 pieces, or more. These can all be made in Canada.

If you want to create jewellery with a base metal plated with silver or gold, quantities are generally a minimum of 300 pieces per style. Design fees and mold costs are included. These are generally not made in Canada.

Smaller quantities would require an initial design fee and a mold fee per piece. Depending on the complexity of the piece, the design cost ranges from $150 - $500 or more. Mold prices start at $50.00. These are included in the price if the quantities are over 100 pieces per style.

Prices are based on they type of metal, weight of the metal, labour, and quantities. The more you order, the lower your price per piece will be, per individual style.

Worldwide shipping is available. Duties and taxes are dependent on your country and are not included. Shipping costs depend on the value of the shipment and the speed of the shipment.

Create 100 or more of the same piece of jewellery.
If you have a special event coming up and want to create a piece to commemorate the occasion or create a gift for special participants, we can take your idea, theme, logo or pictures and create a beautiful piece of jewellery the recipients actually want to wear.

In honor of the Alberta Children's Hospital's prestigious annual charity event, The Candy Cane Ball, Joanne won a commission to make an original design to be sold at the event to raise funds for the Hospital. Created from artwork made by one of the child patients at the Hospital, Joanne took this pretty drawing and turned it into a meaningful and wearable piece of jewellery.

.................... .. ..

Joanne: "Using the exact proportions of the drawing, I created two layers to go on the top of the rounded base. The heart in the middle is cut out of the center, leaving an open space. I then created a small heart charm, also the exact shape and scale of the drawing and the open space in the pendant. Using this heart as a separate pendant creates a nice design echo as well as a symbolic representation of a parent and child, where the small heart represents the child, and the disc with the open heart represents the parent, from which the child came.

The overall feel is gently rustic, textured and touchable with soft edges and a smooth but uneven surface. The final charms have a shiny, polished finish. It is a very sturdy piece with an added touch of interest and personality in the separate heart charm. The overall circle shape is timeless and wearable. The aim was to create a piece that both captured the charm and energy of the child’s artwork and at the same time make a keepsake piece of jewellery that people would want to own, wear, and share with others.

One of a Kind Jewellery.
We can certainly design and create rings and jewelry for special occasions, or make a special charm just for you. Original pieces start at a minimum of $200 for a sterling silver piece and go up from there. Contact us for your free initial consultation.

Custom Wedding Rings. We are happy to create a one of a kind engagement or wedding rings to your specifications. We can take your drawings, pictures, or even old jewellery and gemstones and turn them into a unique custom ring.

Or, you can mix and match with stones and metals to come up with a look that you love. To design your ring from a variety of components, go to our jewellery and ring design showcase. There you will find a huge selection of ring shapes, stone shapes, and colors, as well as complete, real-time price quotes.
Help with designing personalized hand stamped jewellery.
If you are on our site and need a little help designing your own piece of jewelry from our charms and chains, send us an email or give us a call. Vancouver jeweller Joanne Is often here ready to help you decide on which pieces look best together and come up with ideas on what is the best way to create a keepsake necklace or bracelet for yourself or for a gift.

Pricing and Timelines.

Original pieces start at a minimum of $200 for a sterling silver piece and go up from there depending on the complexity of the design. We can work from your designs or logo. Once we have determined the scale, type of metal and quantities of your pieces, we can estimate the cost. We then create a sample and upon your approval, the piece then goes into production. Once the prototype and price is approved, we require a 50% down payment. the balance is payable on the day we ship your order.

It takes approximately 10 weeks to turn around a production order, once we have the finished sample and pricing. Larger orders may need more time.

Original Luxe Design Jewellery was made as swag for Bands (Jakalope), Companies (MTV Secret Room, Grammy Foundation, Hagensborg Chocolates, Spark Records), Charities (Kira's Wish, Alberta Children's Hospital) and Organizations (Women's Leadership Foundation).

We can also create unique jewelry from the existing items in our line. There is no design fee for that, however, a minimum wholesale order is required. We've created special pieces for the 2010 Canadian Female Olympic Athletes, Celebrity gift bags, and jewelry for Movies, Music Videos, and so on. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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