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Personalized Sterling Silver Charm Bracelets

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This is our collection of sterling silver bracelets to which you can add your individual collection of meaningful, symbolic, and personalized charms. All of the bracelets offered have been selected to mix perfectly with our collection of hand made sterling silver charms.

The best charm bracelet is one that tells the story of your life. Rather than purchase a totally finished bracelet, we love creating a personalized bracelet showcasing a collection of charms that represent the key moments and people in your life.

Add a personalized name charm or birthstone for each new grandchild, a new charm for each marathon completed featuring your time, a good luck charm for graduating from university, a personalized date charm to celebrate your one year anniversary since you quit smoking, and a personalized heart charm to memorialize a loved one.

Charm bracelets are gifts that give for years. Choose your favorite bracelet, add three charms to start off the collection, and for each birthday and event you can give the recipient a new charm. Children love to get in on this and select a charm to give that they picked out themselves. Don't forget to personalize a few charms with words that describe the wearer. YOU ARE LOVED is always a nice message to receive.

THEMED CHARM BRACELETS. Create a bracelet with a theme; collect only animals charms, your birthstone in all shapes and sizes, seaside charms, love charms, or a variety of charms inscribed with words that inspire you.

The classic charm bracelet is a single chain with loops that are big enough to accommodate the addition of charms. The best bracelet for this, and our most popular charm bracelet, is the Heavy Cable Bracelet with either a Lobster Claw or a Toggle Clasp. The Toggle is our own hand made version, and should be worn quite tight. The Lobster claw lends added security. We also offer a safety chain that can be added to any bracelet to prevent loss in the event it does come undone.

The most coveted bracelet is the 5 strand slide clasp bracelet. This bracelet can be LOADED with charms, the more the better, but it looks fabulous all by itself too. LAYERING your bracelets is a contemporary look - this bracelet looks fantastic when worn with an armload of all the bracelets in your jewelry box.

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