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Personalized Sterling Silver Bead Charms

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These colorful gemstone bead charms come in all shapes and sizes, and have different properties and symbolism. These bead charms are finished in sterling silver and come with our standard large jump ring so they can slide on and off most chains easily. This allows you to mix and match your colors, just slide on the ones that inspire you each day.

BIRTHSTONE CHARMS. In this collection of bead charms are those that represent the birth stone colors for each month. January - Garnet, February - Amethyst, March - Blue Quartz, April - Rock Crystal, May - Emerald Jade, June - Pearl, July - Purple Jade or Red Jade, August - Peridot, September - Lapis or Iolite, October - Pink Jade or Opalite, November - Citrine, December - Turquoise Quartz.

COLOR MIXING. A birthstone bead charm is a nice way to represent yourself of your child in a necklace. However, some colors and months might not look great together, and some people don't like the color of their birthstone. If you are creating a gift for someone we often recommend that you just select beautiful colors, or the recipient's favorite colors. Some suggestions for more than one color: Blues & Greens, Grey Pearl & Garnet, Turquoise & Coral, Turquoise Quartz & Opalite. Neutrals like white & yellow pearls, grey onyx, opalite, smoky quartz, pyrite, hematine, onyx and rock crystal are good for everyday wear. Having said that, our best selling color is Turquoise Quartz.

SHAPES. When designing a personalized necklace, it is nice to have a variety of lengths rather than have all the charms in a bunch. The Briolette shape is good for adding a longer piece and mixes nicely with the Open Oval. The Large & small bead sizes go with everything, you can't go wrong with these shapes. In general we put the largest piece in the middle, and graduate to smallest on the edges. If you have a small charm like an Alphabit or Dew Drop on one side, it is nice to balance it out with a small gem bead charm on the other side. On a bracelet, the squares and cushions are nice big punches of color.

ENHANCEMENTS. Many of these gemstones are genuine, some are treated with heat or dye to enhance the color, and some are man made. All of the gemstones that represent birth stones colors have been tested and fully comply with all US safety standards.

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