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Sterling Silver Personalized Jewelry Collection

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Luxe Design jewellery is made so much more meaningful when it is personalized. This selection of personalized jewellery features our items made in sterling silver. Sterling silver is a wonderful metal to work with as it is timeless and affordable, yet can last a lifetime. Sterling silver is also fully recyclable, and all of our charms are hand cast in reclaimed sterling silver.

These personalized sterling necklaces, bracelets and charms are already put together in our most popular combinations. The length of chain, size and color of bead charms, and groupings are all tried and true combinations that are certain to look good.

We have been working with sterling silver personalized hand stamped jewellery for almost 20 years. Silver has always been our favorite metal as it looks beautiful against the skin and is so much more affordable than gold, which allows more people to personalize a meaningful piece of jewellery for themselves.

These sterling silver necklaces and bracelets are our most popular selling items, particularly the Open Circle Baby Heart Necklace, and the Open Oval Heavy Cable Bracelet. These sterling pieces are most often personalized with the names of each member of the family, which makes them particularly meaningful.